President Magufuli Talks Tough On Teen Mothers; We will Not Allow You To Go Back To School.

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The president of Tanzania, Dr. John Chapombe Magufuli has issued a tough statement on teen mothers that their time of going back to school after giving birth has come to a climax.

The president was addressing a public rally in Chalinze town and he told them that during his reign he won’t allow pregnant students or those who have given birth back to school because they can easily manipulate other students.

“I will not allow them to go back to our government schools if they are pregnant because its easy for them to manipulate other students to do the same. What lesson will they give to other students..?”, retaliated Magufuli.

He added, “if we leave them like this they will keep on bearing children while at school because this game is very nice”, he said.

He has further asked those NGO’s who defend these teen mothers to build schools for those parents so that they should be learning things pertaining to their way of life.

“During my time as a president, just pray that this doesn’t happen to you, if it does then thats a goodbye to education you will not return to our government schols”, he said.

He also talked about men who will be possible for the teens pregnancies that they will face a long time jail term.

“Those men responsible for the pregnancy should be imprisoned for 30 years and put the energy he used to impregnate the girl into farming while in jail”, he concluded.

Most of the Tanzanians have supported the decission taken by the president saying that this will help students to concentrate on education than socialising in their communities.

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