“President Mugabe Has Been F***ing Zimbabwe For 36_Good Years ” Lumumba Insulted

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Former Zanu PF youth leader Acie Lumumba, who leads Viva Zimbabwe appeared in court this morning at Rottorn Row before Magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe facing charges of insulting the president as defined in Section 33 (2) (b) of the Criminal Law .

William Mutumanje who directed the f* you word to President Robert Mugabe on the launch of his party, this morning told the court when he was being cross examined by his lawyer Arshie Mugiya that the President has been f**ing Zimbabweans for 36 good years.

He told the court that “I understand the charges they are placing before me………….F*** you is a word used to express feelings and it can mean different things depending on the situation ,for example I can say this court room is fucken full or I am fucken tired. ”

He went on to say that “Robert Mugabe is a leader of a political party and I also am a leader of a political party and we can exchange expressions and what I did was not an insult, the President exchanges expressions ,two days ago at the National Heroes Acre he said All those who think this country is not run well let them go to the countries they think are being run well and that’s an insult.”

He also told the court that his constitutional rights for freedom were being undermined.
“I don’t know why we are sitting in this court yet the President has not felt insulted……If he was insulted he should have been here not to send people.”

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