President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani: “Terrorists have no respect for Islamic values” ( See Why)

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Terrorists have no respect for Islamic values

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The Pakistani forces have killed and arrested several dozens of suspects in a complete raids, this was  after the number deaths from a massive suicide bombing by the Islamic State group,  which was targeted in a popular Sufi shrine which claimed 88 lives.

This is Pakistan’s deadliest attack in years and has brought shock and fear around the nation and has also raised so many questions on the country and authorities’ ability to fight militant groups. Islamabad officials have also slammed Kabul, saying the bombing was planned in militant sanctuaries across the Afghan border.

In responds, Pakistan on Friday  fired a blistering rounds of artillery across Afghan border.

Pakistan also closed down the Torkham border which is currently the most important trade routes between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Afghan police chief Gul Agha Roohani in eastern Nangarhar province has confirm that the assault started on Friday morning, but there is no immediate Pakistan confirmation.

The President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has condemned the shrine attack and said that the “Terrorists have no respect for Islamic values” because the Sufis always preach peace and brotherhood among people.

The attack happened on Thursday when a suicide bomber entered the shrine through the main  hall and detonated his explosives.  The Sindh provincial health department said 343 worshippers were wounded, killing 75 and at least 20 women and 9 children are among the dead.

Pakistan paramilitary rangers have since killed 39 militants in targeted militant hideouts  after a shootouts and 47 arrest were made.

The Islamic State group claim responsibility for the attack.

The U.S. State Department offered to help bring the terrorist to justice after condemning the attack.

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