“President Zuma Wants To Bring Back Apartheid In South Africa” Says Zille

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By Likeza Tandwa:

President Jacob Zuma is trying to bring back apartheid, former Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille told supporters in East London on Friday.

“When Zuma says the DA must choose whether it’s a white party or a black party… he is trying to bring back apartheid.

“He is trying to bring back separate parties for separate races.”

Zille said, by doing this, Zuma was destroying the legacy of former president Nelson Mandela.

“He is trampling and destroying the legacy of Nelson Mandela. It was Mandela who said we must come together… we must work together and the only party that is doing that today is the blue party.”

Directing her message at Zuma, Zille said the DA was not defined by race. “We are not black or white. We are blue, Mr President,” she said.

Zille encouraged supporters not to vote for smaller parties, calling them a “waste of votes”.

She said by voting for an independent or smaller party, the people of East London would give the African National Congress another chance to destroy the city.

After addressing supporters, the DA gave out food parcels to attendees.


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