Prophet Bushiri Angry With Bishops And Leaders In Zambia; I Will Come After You.

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Malawian born Prophet, based in South Africa, Shepherd Bushiri populary known as Major 1 took a swipe at Bishop Joshua Banda the Northmead Assembly of God Presiding Overseer and Joe Imakando of Bread of Life for what he termed fighting the prophetic ministry without cause.

The leader and president of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) warned people in Zambia that those who messes up with his spiritual father Eubert Angel will not just be left like that, he will deal them.

“I am saddened that the nation of Zambia which for long has enjoyed the Christian Declaration is now being tarnished by selfish ‘Bishops’- Banda and Imakando who are busy fighting the fellow men of God’ said Bushiri.

“I will come after you if you are messing up with my father. Why did they deport my spiritual father to United Kingdom? He came to Zambia to do his spiritual works and look at the projects he is establishing. They should stop messing up with men of God”, said Bushiri.

Prophet Bushiri said this during his live service where he exposed ‘Men of God’ who have in the past misinformed their churches and general populace about him on many allegations.

Commenting on the issue President Lungu said they did not deport Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife Beverly but they just refused them entry into Zambia.

“We have the right to protect and defend the values of Zambia, as a sovereign state has a right to decide who comes into the country”, said Lungu.

“We did not deport him we just refused him entry, we have the right as a sovereign state to decide who comes and goes out of the country. That’s our preserve as a nation.” he said.



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