Prophet Makandiwa And Magaya’s Contradicting Prophecies Prove That They Are FAKE!!

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Two renowned ‘prophets’ Emmanuel Makandiwa and rape accused Walter Magaya have been accused of being ‘driven by selfish interests’ as they contradict each other on bond notes.

Both men say they are hearing from the same God when making their prophecies.

Makandiwa has called for the return of the local currency that was abandoned in early 2009 due to hyperinflation.

“I believe in local blessings. I believe in my own currency. We cannot say we are blessed when we are using other people’s currencies. We must have our own currency,” he said last Friday.

On the other hand, Magaya says the bond notes are disastrous.

The majority of Zimbabweans, however, have lost faith in the Zimbabwean currency and prefer the current basket of foreign currencies that replaced the Zimdollar, among the greenback, South African Rand, Botswana Pula, British Pound, Chinese Yuan and the Euro.

Government plans to introduce bond notes purportedly to boost exports and, in turn, foreign currency inflows to ease an ongoing liquidity crunch.

A Facebook user, under the name Againstprof Makuyana said he ‘wonders how can God contradict himself when speaking to two different prophets.

Below is his full account :

Now that we have two Prophets contradicting each other on the same topic , l wonder what will be for their followers .
One by name ” Papa Magaya ” has prophesied that Zimbabwe is doomed if it ever adopts the Bond notes .

He didn’t stop there , he went ahead and claimed that he has met Reserve Bank Dr Mangudya over the issue and expressed his frustration over the introduction of the Bond .

The other one by the name “Papa Makandiwa ” has prophesied that the Bond notes is the way to go for Zimbabwe . He even stressed that “no country can live without its own money “..

What is shocking is that Both these two Papas claim to be speaking from a “God’s informed position ” .

One wonders how can God contradict himself when speaking to two different prophets .

I don’t remember one Prophet in the Bible foretelling that Jesus is coming and the other Prophet shot down that Prophet by saying ” there is no Jesus coming “.

If God can’t be consistent in what he says shouldn’t that raise questions about the multiplicity of his being ?? Should we assume both these Prophets know nothing about economics and they are simply guessing on a serious economic principle ??

One might come up with a conspiracy that since one the Prophets is being charged of rape by the regime , the other is trying so hard to present himself as a “patriotic Zimbabwean ” by not going against the regime and its authorities

The truth is there is no God in both these prophesies about Bond notes . It’s just utterances driven by selfish Interests.

Source – Byo24News

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