PROPHET Rubs Herbs On Private Parts Before Having Sex With Married Woman To Cure Her

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A SELF-PROCLAIMED Kuwadzana prophet, Vengai Cheraoga, appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with raping a 24-year-old woman who had consulted him seeking divine intervention.

Cheraoga, who operates at Kuwadzana Phase 3 open space, was not asked to plead when he appeared before magistrate Bianca Makwande, who remanded him to September 19.

Allegations against the self-proclaimed prophet are that sometime in August this year, the complainant proceeded to his church at an open space to seek divine intervention as she was experiencing period pains.

The State alleges Cheraoga claimed the woman’s problems stemmed from her womb, which needed some herbs and in order for them to be applied, the woman had to have se.xual int3rcourse with him, but she refused.

On the same date at around 8pm, Cheraoga allegedly took some herbs and opened his zipper and started rubbing the herbs on his private parts and he proceeded to rape the woman once after which he escorted her home and threatened her not to reveal the incident to anyone.

On the second day, it is alleged; Cheraoga went to the complainant’s place of residence and started staying at the house as a tenant.

On August 17, Cheraoga approached the complainant claiming he had removed some goblins at the house. He then f0ndled her br3asts before raping her twice.

The matter came to light when the complainant told her friend, who then advised her to report the matter to the police, leading to Cheraoga’s arrest.

Audry Chogumaira appeared for the State.

Source: Newsday

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