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By: Bright Chikele

THE opposition political parties that held a meeting with the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) should realise that the church is not a place to abet criminal behaviour and should not subject it to such reproach, the Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA) has charged.

EYA executive director Moses Lungu said the meeting by some opposition political parties on Tuesday “was a total farce and a disregard of the important role the church plays in uniting the country’’ and advised politicians to stop politicising the church. Rev. Lungu said in as much as the church played a critical role in the politics of the country, Tuesday’s meeting at which the political parties allegedly made ‘‘frivolous demands”, among them an order to have The Post Newspaper opened immediately, “amounted to criminality”.

He said it was folly for the opposition political party leaders to converge at ZEC to support criminality by attempting to shield the tabloid that was denying Zambians their revenue through tax evasion.

He charged that all those who attended the meeting had de-campaigned themselves because they had shown the country that their desire to lead the country was engrossed in criminality and selfishness and that they should never be given a chance to run the affairs of the country because they were destructive


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