Public Notice From Malawi Revenue Authority On Amendments To The Customs And Excise Order.

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Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is informing the general public that with effect from Midnight of 19th May 2017, the Customs and Excise (Tarrifs) Order is amended as shown in the attached schedule.

The amendments is as follows;

1. Removal of 15.5 percent import VAT on daily milk.

2. Introduction of 18.5 percent import VAT on minibuses and buses manufactured withing a period not exceeding five years.

3. Re-introduction of single excise of rate of USD 15 per 1000 cigarettes of sticks or its Malawi Kwacha equivalent for both imported and local manufactured cigarettes.

4. Introduction of 10 percent local excise on Television subscriptions.

5. Deletion of the Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs) 4000.443 and 4071.443 for minibuses and buses manufactured within a period of five years of seating capacity exceeding 11 persons but not exceeding 44 persons including the driver.

Malawi Revenue Authority is therefore urging all Malawians to take note of the contents of this Public Notice and comply accordingly.



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