Ralph Kasambara To Spend 13 Years Behind Bars For Conspiracy To Murder.

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The much awaited case involving the former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara has reached its climax after the Malawi court through Justice Micheal Mtambo, on Tuesday sentenced the culprits to 13 years and 26 years respectively.

The former Justice Minister has been slapped 13 years to spend behind bars on the count of conspiracy to murder former budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Ralph Kasambara was convicted alongside other two prominent people in Malawi, the businessman Pika Manondo and the former Malawi Defence Force Macdonald Kumwembe.

The two have been given a 15 year jail term for attempted murder and 11 years for conspiracy to murder. Their sentences will run consectively, which means they will spend 26 years in prison for the two offences leveled against them.

The case started in 2013 after the squandering of government funds dubed as “cashgate” was exposed. The three were convicted of trying to erase the evidence that they were involved in the scandal by shooting Mphwiyo at the gate of his house but he survived the attack.



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