Rape and defilement cases on the rise in Malawi

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By Eutychus Yamikani:

Child rights activist has expressed concern over the increased unreported cases of rape and defilement, saying the situation is giving organizations wrong information on the progress of eradicating the malpractice.

The concern follows reports of increase in unreported cases of rape and defilement in the lakeshore district of Nkhatabay which are being perpetuated by relatives of the abused young girls.

Youz Chinkhuntha a child protection officer at the Livingstonia synod said parents and guardians do not report cases of rape and defilement for fear of straining relations as research has shown that perpetuators of the same are relatives of the girls:

“the situation gives organizations fighting for the well-being of children wrong data on the matter, assuming that things are fine on the ground due to community lack of speaking out hence the call for a collective effort to end issues of child rape and defilement.

“but also girls who have been victims of the malpractice usually lose concentration in class making them look at themselves as out-casts’’

Although the penal code is states the penalties given to those convicted, there is a growing dissatisfaction to these penalties.

However these battle cries seem to be falling on deaf ears as nothing is happening in response to such calls.

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