Religious Leaders Urges Home Affairs To Stop Administering Marriages.

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South African religious leaders have come on limelight calling on Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba to stop home affairs officials from administering marriages.

These religious leaders argued that marriage is a Holy institution that should be left to religious leaders to administer and not anyone else.

This statement was said during the meeting which the minister of Home Affairs had with various religious leaders in Kayamandi Township near Stellenbosch.

In his response to the raised issue, the minister said the department wants to curb the escalating fraudulent marriages which have been happening in the country, therefore Home Affairs officials have to be able to administer marriages.

He said if they solely leave it in the hands of religious leaders, there’s no guarantee that fraudulent and marriages of convenience won’t take place.

“We have instances where some priests have come forward to register fraudulent marriages and marriages of convenience knowingly, and so we try and curb all of this”, said Gigaba

However, the minister has assured religious leaders that the department is training marriage officers from different religions to administer marriages.

“We are working on this issue and now we are training home affairs marriage officers from different religions so that they should excute this job professionally”, concluded Gigaba.



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