Richest prophet in Zambia in trouble, as satanism tag is rebelled aganist him

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By Bright Chikele


Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Executive Director Reverend Pukuta

Mwanza, says the EFZ is in receipt of allegations against Prophet

Ejimadu population known as Seer 1 which suggest serious misconduct

contrary to the scriptures.

Reverend Mwanza saysthat EFZ is conducting investigations in the matter.

On May 28, 2016 Prophet Ian Chipoka of the closed Grace of Fire

Embassy accused Prophet Ejimadu for inducting him into Satanism.

Prophet Chipoka alleged that he was initiated into Satanism and

cultism by way of using concocted oil and bathing using a specific

soap used in the underworld.

He said Prophet Ejimadu commonly known as Anointed Andrew uses under

world powers to perform magic which unsuspecting Christians mistake as


Prophet Chipoka however challenged Prophet Ejimadu to confirm or deny

the various conversations the two have been having during the said


Howvever Prophet Andrew Ejimadu has condemned the Evangelical

Fellowship of Zambia for calling for his arrest on allegations that he

practices Satanism.

He has also challenged the Zambia Information and Communication

Technology Authority -ZICTA- to avail to the public the conversations

he had with prophet during the said period.

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