Ritualism In Malawi

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Meet Simon, a 55 year-old man from the village of Manje. This poor old man is always on the streets, gathering plastics and dirty things for no good reason.

Those who know Simon say he is mad, has no family or a place to stay. He lives in the streets and he eats anything he finds on the streets.

“Simon was once a normal person, he lived with his brother whom we know is the reason for Simon’s madness,” A source said.


Simon is like this because of Matsenga (rituals) his brother wanted riches so he went to the singanga (witch doctor) and sacrificed simon in exchange of riches. Today his brother is living a luxurious life in the surbubs of Blantyre and not even a single day does he come to see his brother, another source said.

Such cases always happen in Malawi, families are fond of sacrificing their loved ones in exchange of riches

Today a man who could have been living a normal life with his family is living a shameful life only waiting for his day to die.

He lives in the streets, eats in the streets, sleeps in the streets and eventually he will die in the streets.

They are many victims of ritualism in Malawi and they are all waiting for the same fate.




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