Rome: Pope Francis Urges World Organisations To Feed The Poor.

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Pope Francis has urged the World Food Programme WFP) to feed those who are hungry rather than watching them suffer. The Pope said this on Monday when he visited the offices of the World Food Programme.

“Hunger and poverty are major threats to world peace and cannot be accepted as the result of blind fate, but we should take into account all the issues affecting our people”, said Pope.

The Roman Catholic leader further said if hunger and poverty is not controlled, then it will be a threat that the world cannot handle in any way and it cannot be at peace, but it has to be dealt with urgently.

“The fact that so many people are starving cannot be considered normal, we cannot just say nothing can be done, but we have to stand up and act quickly”, said Pope Francis.

In his statement at the headquarters of World Food Programme, he said that hunger should not be taken as a weapon of war, but rather to keep civilians alive in those affected areas.

“People move weapons very fast across boarders than the aid which will sustain people’s lives. We should not prevent delivering food to the war zone areas because that’s the violation of the international law”, he concluded.

In 2014, the Pope warned that planet Earth will not forgive the abuse of its resources for profit, urging the world leaders to swallow their pride and help the hungry.

“God forgives, but the earth does not. Take care of the earth so that it should not come with destruction”, he said.

A lot of countries have been rocked with hunger due to civil wars and economic crisis. This call by the Pope might serve as a reminder to all organisations to give a hand where its possible.

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