SABC Bans Violent Protest Footages On TV.

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The South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC), has taken a stand on condemning recent violent protests in the rainbow nation, South Africa, by banning all violent footages on their television.

In a statement released on Friday by the SABC’s Chief Operations Officer, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the biggest broadcasting station in South Africa has said it will not show all footages taken during violent protests in the country.

We will not publicise footages of violent protests in the country. These actions have disrupted many lives and many properties have been vandalised. The aim of our Station is to educate people, and let them know what’s happening around the world and not promoting violence.”, he said.

However, he said the public broadcaster will continue to cover all events happening in the country without fear or favour.

This statement has come at a time when South Africa is experiencing a wave of protests which have seen public institutions such as schools, houses and other properties being vandalise by protesters.

The Chief Operations Officer further said that broadcasting those footages is like sending a message to other people that if you want to get something you have to vandalise properties.

If we show people those videos, it means we are sending a message of how to act to get something from the government. But for us thus not our aim, we condemn all these actions and this is the best way to put to an end all these actions“, said Motsoeneng.

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