SABC’s Misgivings To Reality On Changing Of The Broadcast Landscape Could Cost Them Dearly Sooner Than They Realize

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SABC’s failure to recognize the changing landscape in the way how it’s audience consumes content exposes it to an obvious possibility of running itself into troubled waters.

While executives at Netflix are spending sleepless nights in strategizing on how to take down this gynomous broadcast house, a recent leaked document from SABC shows exactly where the executives priority lies.

Truth be said Netflix is a threat to most traditional broadcast houses at the moment, the last thing any media house wants is to sleep-walk into the hands of unrelenting cannibal like Netflix which has built it’s business model on top of trending growth of mobile content consumption and on-demand programming.

Netflix announcinced it’s intentions to launch operations in South Africa back in 2015, then the announcement was that it would be launching in next two years as part of its global expansion strategy, according to MyBroadband report.

The VOD service told shareholders it believes it can complete its international roll-outs in two years while remaining profitable.

While other African Media giants like MultiChoice remained silent on the news that Netflix has plans to expand to South Africa. Reality still remains that the take-down will be brutal and unforgiving, combined with political interference and backbiting, my money is on the Visitors.sabc


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