Sex Starved Woman Gets Pregnant By Husband’s 14-Year Old Brother

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A 25-year-old injiva’s wife failed to control her strong sexual desires leading her to entice her teenage brother-in-law into a sex romp which resulted in her falling pregnant.

The woman who cannot be named for ethical reasons pleaded guilty to seducing a 14-year old into sexual athletics which resulted in her falling pregnant. In a bid to save her marriage she terminated the eight months pregnancy using concoction. Her mother-in-law reported her to the police leading to her arrest.

The sex ordeal began in October last year up to April this year at a date not known to the prosecutor. “She would wear a transparent dress and invite the boy into her bedroom where they would engage in sex. She got pregnant and she terminated the pregnancy using concoction when she was eight months due,” the prosecutor, Sikhumbuzo Sibanda presented the case.

Tsholotsho resident magistrate Victor Mpofu charged her with two counts. One of sex intercourse with a minor and the other for terminating a pregnancy. She pleaded guilty to both counts. “I failed to contain a strong sexual desire after my husband failed to come home from South Africa for a year. That pushed me to lure his younger brother into sex. Realizing that I had erred I had to terminate the pregnancy. She pleaded with the magistrate that she had two young children. As a result, she will face a non-custodial sentence on 28 July.



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