Singapore Registers 41 Cases Of Zika Virus.

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Singapore has registered 41 cases of locally transimitted Zika Virus and health authourities have demonstrated that the number can increase.

It is said that the Zika virus in the country is mostly among foreign construction workers.

About seven people who were affected by the disease have fully recovered and some still remain in the hospital.

Zika virus carried by some mosquitoes was detected in Brazil last year and it has spread into various countries in America.

The Healthy Ministry and and the National Environment Agency said they have tested almost 124 people primarily foreign nationals who are working on a construction site in the country.

Currently the construction site has been ordered to hault work and workers dormitories are being inspected on a daily basis.

The virus poses a risk to pregnant women which causes severe birth defects and in Brazil more than 1600 cases of microcephaly, where babies were born with small heads.

In a statement released by the country’s authourities, it demonstrates that the disease has been transmitted locally since none of the affected people has travelled to Zika affected areas.

“All medical services in the country should be more vigilant because this confirms that local transmissions of Zika virus infection has taken place.”, said health authourities.


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