Skeffa Chimoto Angry With Bogus Facebook Account Bearing His Name.

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The Malawian musician, Skeffa Chimoto, populary known as the “jamming machine” has been angered with the bogus Facebook accounts which are opened using his name.

Skeffa took his frustrations to facebook warning his followers about the issue.

“There are numerous bogus Facebook accounts in the name of Skeffa Chimoto. Some of these accounts are there to tarnish my image”, said Skeffa.

The Real Sounds Band leader has warned his followers to refrain from such accounts as he has only one official facebook page.

“I therefore urge you my supporters to refrain from any other Facebook account bearing my name because these people are fraudsters and any fraudulent deal or business you may deal with them I am publicly declaring not to be responsible”, read part of his statement.

Some people have been caught up in being defrauded through these bogus Facebook accounts bearing names of the most popular people.

Previously there was a bogus account which was opened in the name of the most famous Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri which was used to defraud people. The owner of this account was demanding Bushiri’s followers some money to open different charity works which were not belonging to the Prophet.

Skeffa Chimoto’s Facebook account has got 32, 260 followers while the one he is claiming its a bigus account has 1, 068 followers.

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