SOUTH AFRICA: 18-Year Old Kills Mother For R50

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“Kabelo Chauke, from Pretoria, has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed his mother 5 times on the chest,” Police said on Thursday.

“He later fled the scene leaving his two siblings aged between 3 and 8 with a dead body.”

It is alleged Kabelo Chauke (18) arrived home on Wednesday night around 8pm and begged his mother for R50 which he needed to buy Nyaope (drugs). When the mother couldn’t give the money, he went to the kitchen and took a knife and then stabbed her. Neighbors heard a loud scream and later went to find out what was going on only to find a dead body. Kabelo had fled the scene.

Kabelo was arrested the following day at his friend’s house and is facing murder charges.

Nyaope is a very dangerous addictive drug that has ruined many lives of young people in South Africa. It is alleged Nyaope has become more important than food to the users and a day without it, is like a week without food. The police have tried to stop the use of this drug by all means but nothing seems to help.

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