South Africa: A Convicted Murder Who Drunk His Victims’ Blood, Laughs During Sentencing

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A convicted murder who allegedly drunk his victims’ blood laughed as he was given a 30-year sentence in the Palm Ridge Magistrate court.

Mzameleni Cele aged 30, was found guilty on two counts of murder, two attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, and of assault with intentions to cause bodily harm.

Cele was sentenced to 15 years for each count of murder by acting judge Rean Strydom.

He got 10years for each count of attempted murder, 5 for possession of firearm, 2 years for possession of ammunition and 2years for the assault charge.

These sentences will run concurrently with the sentences for murder, which means an effective of 30years.

Cele laughed out loud in court showing no sign of remorse. When journalist tried to take pictures of him, he hid his face under his hoodie and laughed again while he was escorted out of court.

The police said he allegedly drunk his victims’ blood after he had killed them.


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