South Africa: ANC Announce Moral Candidates

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The ANC will today announce its chosen candidates for municipal mayors, party deputy secretary general Jesse Duarte told journalists on Saturday.

The party was holding its special national executive committee (NEC) meeting at St George’s Hotel in Tshwane.

“It’s the end of the process which has taken a few months to complete [during which] branches of the ANC started looking at who they would nominate as candidate for mayors as well as councillors,” she said.

Duarte said the provinces were the final decision makers and the NEC’s role‎ was to, “ask questions about the gender parity issue, whether they have kept enough people with skills and experience, so our task is limited”.

Duarte said some of the NEC’s discussions were about mayors of strategic towns and how the candidates would manage a large city or emerging towns.

“Take a town like Nelspruit which is not a metro but is a very fast-growing town. One would want to make sure that the mayoral candidate for a town like Nelspruit is a strong person. Similarly [with towns] like Mthatha and Queenstown.”

Duarte said they had to choose mayoral candidates from three names presented by the province. “The NEC can discuss any one of the three names, so it’s not in any particular order.”‎

She added that the three nominees were chosen by the provinces who were, in turn, guided by the region and its branches.

Duarte said names not on the list of nominees would not be discussed. ‎


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