South Africa: Bizarre Moment As Libidious Malawians Get Stuck During Sex.

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There was a bizarre moment on Thursday morning, May 4, 2017 when a lover got stuck inside a married mistress during sex. The incident happened in Honeydew, South Africa.

At first people thought it was just the screams of sexual pleasure, but it turned to be screams for help when the man suddenly found himself unable to detach from his partner.

As the pain was too much, and they were unable to control it, both let out loud yells that attracted the neighbours who gathered at the area where the incident happened to have a glimpse of what has transpired.

According to the media in South Africa, the two who are both Malawians, are married and the woman’s husband is in South Africa while the cheating man’s wife is in Malawi.

It is reported that the woman found a chance to cheat while her husband was at work. The woman’s jilted husband who hails from Karonga, the Northern district of Malawi, is reported to have secretly given the woman a concoction prepared by a witch doctor so that if she cheats on him they should get stuck.

The cheating husband hails from Mzimba, also in the Northern region of Malawi.

Meanwhile, the two have been taken to Zandspruit Clinic in Johannesburg and the husband is demanding R15000 which is almost MK800 000.00 to unlock the amorous couple.



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