South Africa To Brace A Heavy Gale-Force Storm; People Urged To Stay In Doors.

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The South African weather department has warned citizens in Capetown that their will be a heavy storm starting from early hours of Wednesday morning.

The department has said the gale-force winds might cause some damages in the province hence calling upon the general public to stay in doors.

This severe weather can be hazard to human life and property and has the potential to cause damage, serious social disruption, or loss of human life hence the Western Cape education department announced that all schools would be closed on the day as a pre-caution meassure.

“Our primary concern is the safety of learners and staff. The storm may damage some schools, which could place learners and staff at risk, as well as those who commute to school, especially in rural areas,” said Brian Schreuder, head of the education department.

Capetown has been bracing the worst drought on record and rainfall of up to 50mm and gale-force winds with speeds of up to 90km/h or higher may be possible in certain areas. High seas are also expected with swells of up to 10 – 12m.

The Western Cape Disaster Management Centre has taken extensive measures to prepare for the worst possible conditions and it has warned that there is a danger of mudslides and flooding in some low-lying areas


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