South Africa: Drug Dealers Arrested At Or Tambo.

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The South African Revenue Services (SARS) arrested two passengers at the OR Tambo International carrying 16kgs of ephedrine which is estimated at R4.9 million and the other one was possessing 4kgs of cocaine worth R1.2 million.

According to the South African Revenue Services, the two suspects were busted during an aircraft inspection on an flight from Sao Paulo. The drug mules were detected by the dog unit inspector which intercepted a passenger with a backpack and the other one was detected in a body suit which was in an aircraft toilet.

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has arrested a number of drug dealers at the airport since last week. On Wednesday, last week, two passengers who were disembarking from Sao Paulo were apprehended by the the SARS at the Or Tambo Airport. After doing some X-ray, they discovered  91 cocaine bullets weighing 1.4kgs.

The bust by the South African Revenue Services Customs agents at the Airport has resulted in netting millions of rands in drugs in the past week.

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