South Africa Justice System Sleeps When It Comes To Solving Crimes Against Foreigners

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What happened to “Ubuntu” treating all humans equally… White, black or Indian? Isn’t that what South Africans were fighting for back in the 90’s when they wanted white man to treat them equally?  I believe all foreigners should be treated equally too as long as they have permit to live in South Africa.

But today we find the same people who were fighting against injustice being unjust, going against their own words.

A month ago a young man named Madalitso was found dead near a railway in Pretoria. The young man had a deep cut on his forehead and a broken arm. When the police arrived to the scene, they quickly ruled the case as suicide as soon as they heard the young man was Malawian.

“There were no investigations, they didn’t even question people around to try to get to the bottom of my sons death” Madalitso’s mother reported to New Watch Reviews in an interview.

“My son was ambitious, he had dreams of becoming a singer. He wanted so much from life. I know my son, I had spoken to him the previous day, he definitely wasn’t suicidal” She added.

On 22 May the day Madalitso’s body was found, a lot of people gathered where he was including a guy who was once said to have been looking for Madalitso because he wanted to kill him over some quarrel they had. Madalitso’s mother asked him, “So you have done it? You finally killed my son?” But the guy just laughed and denied seeing the deceased for a while.

The body of the young man was taken back to his home country. Just after that the truth surfaced that on the morning of 22 May, Madalitso was seen walking with two man, one of them being the one who denied seeing him.

Madalitso’s body was found near a railway tracks with small bruises that South African Police claim came from a huge train. This case was so easy to solve had the police done a little investigation and not consider the deceased was not South African.

It is known that South African Criminals hide their crimes by dumping dead bodies on a train tracks.

“We are all blacks, we are all abantu with the same colour, similar languages, why treat us like this?” The cry of Foreigners living in South Africa.

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