SOUTH AFRICA: Man Accused Of Brutal Murder Claims The Police Framed Him

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Solomon Mabaso aged 34, from Mpumalanga is accused of killing farmer Adrian Van Den Bern but he told the high Court Judge that the police Colonel who wrote his confession framed him.

Solomon, together with his co-accused  Nhlanhka Shongwe 29, were arrested for the murder of the farm owner.

It is said that the deceased  who lived alone was strangled to death with a curtain and a number of items including clothes.

Mabaso on Friday in court told Judge Brian Mashile that he did not say anything to Colonel Mavimbela from Malalane police station when the Colonel had written out his confession statement.

“Colonel Mavimbela is the one who wrote the confession statement, not me. He is the one who knows more about the crime because I did not say anything. I only agreed with him and signed because I was afraid I would be assaulted if I refused to do what I was told to do.” Solomon, the accused said.

The case was postponed to August 15.

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