SOUTH AFRICA: Man Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Wife And Kids

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A 36-year-old Limpopo man (name withheld) has been arrested after he allegedly killed his wife and two children, police said on Tuesday.

The incident happened on Monday night around 8:30 pm at their home.
Neighbors heard gun shots and informed the police who immediately went to the scene only to find three bodies in a pool of blood.

The victims were identified as Kelebogele, 29, Oratele, 5, and Masego 10.

According to a source, the family was always the talk show of the neighborhood as the very abusive husband (name withheld) would beat up his wife and lock her outside the house at night. He accused his wife of cheating and would sometimes make threats to take her life.

Another source claims on the night of the murder, the husband arrived home as usual, then the children were heard screaming later on gun shots were heard. It is alleged the man immediately fled the scene.

“I always advised Kelebogele to report her abusive husband to the police but she would refuse saying he was all she had. This is very sad cause two innocent children have lost their lives too.” A source said.

The man was found at his friend’s house on Tuesday and was arrested on murder charges. He is expected to appear in court on Friday.

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