South Africa: Passengers Survive a Deadly Train Crash

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Eleven people survived a deadly train accident on Friday when a train collided with a truck trailer in Pinetown South Africa.

According to the South African authorities, they said the truck driver was passing over the level crossing of the railway line when the trailer got entangled in the over head electrical cables.

On the impact, eight passengers in the train, two train drivers and one person who was at the site of the incident were all injured.

The head of communications for Passenger Rail Agency South Africa (PRASA), Zama Nomnganga said that the trailer got hooked to the overhead traction cable but lucky enough there were no casualties.

“We are pleased to announce that apart from minor and moderate injuries, there are casualties registered. We are not sure if the truck driver knew that the maximum height for vehicles passing under the overhead traction was 4.5m” said Zama.

The owner of the truck who owns a Bakery, Mohammed Khan, disputed the fact that his driver didn’t know that the truck was over 4.5m when passing through the overhead traction. He said that all his trucks are under 4.3m and his driver knows that that’s why he wanted to pass through the overhead traction.

The victims were rushed to the hospital by the paramedics who responded in time at the site of the incident.

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