South Africa: Reeva was beautiful inside and out, says Aimee Pistorius

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Oscar Pistorius in court

 The sister of

convicted murderer Oscar

Pistorius, Aimee, has spoken out

on the sentencing of her sibling

in an interview with eNCA.

She had only praise for her

brother’s victim, Reeva

Steenkamp, saying she was an

exceptional person who people

were drawn to. She described

Steenkamp as sincere and

beautiful on the inside and out.

Pistorius said she was also

pleased that Judge Thokozile

Masipa highlighted that her

brother did not intentionally

shoot Steenkamp – despite the

fact that the Supreme Court of

Appeal found that he should be

convicted of murder and not

culpable homicide.

Aimee Pistorius added that the

assumption that his intent was

to kill was “unfortunate”.

“It’s a terrible accident where

Oscar had no intention of

shooting Reeva… A lot of hurt

has been created and on top of

that, there is already in this

tragedy, that there’s this lie

being perpetuated that there

was violence that there was an

argument and that there was

intention to shoot Reeva, which

is not true and there hasn’t been

anything to support that,” she

said in the interview.

High Court Judge Thokozile

Masipa emphasised that

Pistorius had acted out of fear

when she sentenced him to six

years in jail last week. This was

the second time she sentenced

him; after he was initially only

convicted of culpable homicide.

The SCA overturned that

conviction in December, almost

three years after he shot dead

his girlfriend, saying he mistook

her for an intruder. He fired four

shots into the door of a toilet

cubicle in his Pretoria home on

Valentine’s Day in 2013.

He served one-sixth of his five-

year sentence for culpable

homicide in prison and was

released in October to serve the

remainder under correctional


But Pistorius went to prison for

a second time on Wendesday,

when Masipa sentenced him to

six years in jail, much lower

than the maximum sentence of

15 years.

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