SOUTH AFRICA: Robber Killed By Mob At Walter Sisulu University

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Lavan Pijoos: An alleged robber died and two others were left in a critical condition after they were apprehended and heavily beaten by Walter Sisulu University (WSU) students, the university said on Sunday.

University spokesperson Yonela Tukwayo said three men gained illegal access through a perimeter wall late Friday evening.

“The men entered a female residence, Phulo, and went from room to room robbing them of their cellphones and laptops,” Tukwayo said.

Tukwayo said the last room sounded the alarm and the male residence next to them, rushed to their defence.

“The large crowd of students apprehended the three men and found the valuables on them. They have beaten them nearly close to death,” she said.

She said the university’s security was outnumber and couldn’t control the mob, however, they had called the police for assistance.

On the arrival of the police, students threw stones at them and it was then when Public Order was called to the scene, Tukwayo said.

“After Public Order [used rubber bullets] to disperse the students, paramedics could finally assess the three men. Unfortunately, one of the three robbers was declared dead on the scene,” she said.

The other two were taken Bedford Hospital in Mthatha.

“The students should have left the police to do their work. We condemn mob justice and the act of vigilantism,” she said.

Police could not be reached for comment.

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