London: Several People Feared Dead And 50 Injured In East London Mass Blaze.

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Several people are feared dead and scores injured after a huge blaze of fire broke out in a 27 storey apartment block in East London.

There are fears that alot of people are trapped in their homes and are shouting for help. The fire in the 27 storey Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road near Notting Hill started in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

London authorities are yet to release the number of the fatalities but they say some people were evacuated very quickly before the blaze engulfed the whole building. Those who have been injured have been taken to different hospitals around East London.

Hundreds of fire fighters have arrived at the scene, but they failed to put off the fires on the upper blocks because of the height of the building hence making it difficult for water reach the tip of the building.

Meanwhile helicopters are helping in putting off the huge flame at the building to save those who have been trapped inside.


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