South Africa: Woman Arrested For Burning Her Daughter With Hot Water Over a Missing R20.

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A South African woman has been arrested for splashing hot water on her daughter over a missing R20 note. The 11 year old girl sustained serious burn wounds on her back.

According to the family members from A section in Botshabelo, they said her mum accused her daughter of stealing R20 in the house.

“The incident happened after her mum accused her of stealing R20 from her. Just few minutes later her mum sent her to bring boiling water in a basin, she did so. Then she threw the boiling water over her daughter’s back”, said her aunt.

It is alleged that the mother was not even remorseful with her actions, she was just looking at while she was crying with pain. The 11 year old was taken to the hospital after two by her aunt who came to visit them at their home in Botshabelo.

Her sister was angry with what happened and she reported the matter to the police so that her sister can get help before doing something drastic.

A case of assault has been opened and she will appear before court soon.

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