South Africa: Xenophobia Threats In Chesterville, Durban.

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Foreign nationals in Jamaica, Durban have started living in fear after news of another xenophobic attacks has surfaced.

The current development has made foreign shop owners to live in fear in Jamaica, Chesterville, after xenophobic tension between shop owners and locals is simmering in the area.

According to the foreign nationals owning shops in the area, they have showed fear after being told by the locals that they should stop trading in the area by the end of this week.

According to the news emerging from the rainbow nation, the local business people formed a small business forum which was aimed at visiting various foreign-owned shops telling them to close their shops until further notice.

“We are facing a stiff competition in our area since they (foreigners) have shops at every corner, and it has become impossible for us to do business”, said one local business member.

Locals in the area said these foreign business people undercut them in any price they charge on their commodities, hence attracting the community members to buy from them.

“They bring their containers full of goods and their prices are lower than ours, hence community members are attracted to buy from them leaving us in dilema. We held a business meeting on Tuesday to go door -to-door telling land owners to inform their foreign clients to pack and go”, said the locals.

South Africans living in Chesterville told the eThekwini Municipality to intervene and they were told that they will organise a meeting with locals on Sunday to tackle the situation. But the locals told the Municipality that Sunday its too far and they want the meeting to take place on Friday, September 2, 2016.

“Sunday is too far, we want it to be done urgently, if they do not attend on Friday, then they should not bother, we will find ways to deal with the matter”, concluded the locals.

Police have now been deployed in the area to monitor the situation and incidents have been reported until now.



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