SOUTH AFRICA: Zuma, ” My Ancestors Told Me I’ll Rule Until 2030″

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In a brief meeting with journalists from different Media houses, President Jacob Zuma claimed he was visited by his ancestors in a dream and he was told that he will lead until 2030.

The dream which he had on Friday morning revealed to him that he would rule till Jesus comes.

This came as a shock to many South Africans who want him to step down.

“Are we having another Mugabe in South Africa? Hell no! We wont tolerate nonsense, when the time comes, Zuma will step down. Whether he likes it or not, that’s a fact.” A source said.

Zuma assumed office as the President of South Africa in 2009 and now he is hoping his dream would come true.

Zuma told reporters that his ancestors revealed to him that he is the greatest President the country has ever had.

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