South African Deputy Police Minister Accuses Foreign Nationals For Hijacking Their Land.

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The South African deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi has accused foreigners in the rainbow nation that they are hijacking their land while the citizens of the nation are suffering and they have nowhere to go.

Addressing the media at the local police station in the country, he stressed about the high number of crimes committed using unlicensed firearms, hijacked buildings and illegal trade around Hillbrow.

“Almost 80% of people living in Hillbrow are foreign nations. If we don’t debate that, then it means the whole of South Africa could be 80% dominated by foreign nationals and in future South Africa will have a foreign national president”, he said.

He said South Africa is now surrendering their land they fought for to foreigners.

He added, “there is nowhere in the world where foreign nationals dominate a city into 80%. This is not Xenophic, we fought for this country, not only for us but for generations of South Africans to live in harmony in a non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa.”

The Minister said South African authorities should come up with ideas to make sure foreign nationals don’t take land from locals because it is dangerous to let foreign nations to take their land.

“These illegal firearms used for robbery in our city are causing danger to our citizens. South Africans are protesting because of service delivery because we cannot offer them shelter because the land is occupied by foreign nationals. They doing illegal businesses which is a sabotage to our economy.”, he conclued.

Despite the deputy Police Minister publicly saying his words are not xenophobic, some commentators have a different view about his words. They say such kind of words targeting particular individuals have led to violence in South Africa.

This statement by the Minister is the same which was said by King Zwelinthini in 2015 that foreign nationals must pack their bags and leave South Africa. This statement sparked violence in some parts of the country where foreign nationals were dispersed from their homes and some were brutally killed.



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