South Africans Angry With Racist Stunts By The Guest Owner.

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The black community in Sodwana Bay took into the streets demanding the owner of guest house who happens to be a white person to pack and go because of the racist statements he said towards black people.

Andre Slade caused a stir this week when he said black people are servants and are not allowed at his guest house.

“Black people are servants that’s what the Bible says, and I am ready to go to court to defend myself on this issue”, said Slade.

The controversial white man wrote an email to one of the black customer Sizakele Msimang telling him that black people are not welcome at his guest house.

To his defence he said the statement is not racism but it’s the truth, blacks do not mix with whites.

Slade’s girlfriend said that it is not okay for whites and blacks to mix. “It’s just like apricot and peach, we’re not the same. We are just saying the truth” she said.

This statement stired the anger of the Sodwana community who gathered and marched to where the guest house is.

Community members have urged the government to take action fast so that this man should leave their community as soon as possible.

“We don’t want him to be doing his business here, he is a racist. Let him go somewhere else, not here in South Africa but somewhere outside our country”, said protesters.

South Africa has been rocked with racist stunts in recent months. Few weeks ago, the South African court fined Penny Sparrow R150 000 for her racist Facebook post towards blacks whom she said are monkeys.

Few days later another white woman was caught on camera speaking to a police man concerning black people in South Africa.

The African National Congress  have laid charges against him.

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