Steve Spesho Calls Miracle’s Theft Rumours As “Lies”; Aimed At Tarnishing Her Name.

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The son to the late gospel artist Grace Chinga, Steve Spesho has labelled rumours mongering on various media platforms about her sister Miracle Chinga that she stole some groceries in a shop as lies.

Social media was taken awash with the news that Miracle Chinga who is a newly crowned Malawi’s best female gospel artist of the year 2017 has been caught stealing some staff in Blantyre Shoprite last week.

Spesho wrote on his Facebook account timeline that his sister was writing Business management exams during the time these rumours were spread. He then blamed people who have been spreading these rumours as liers and their aim is to tarnish his sister’s name.

“Congrats miracle. You just finished your business management exams.
Now all we have to do is wait for the results but am confident you will pass..
And am proud of u little sister.”, he said.

He added, “Even when people when they are busy blabing lies about you, you have been strong and wrote your exams without being intimidated.”, concluded Spesho.

According to rumours on social media which were not confirmed, indicated that Miracle was caught red handed on Wednesday stealing a bottle of juice and other staffs in Blantyre Shoprite.

However these theft allegations have been received with some mixed reactions by Malawians who are blaming the media and other Malawians saying they are having issues with her thus why they are cooking these lies to tarnish the name and reputation of the talented upcoming gospel artist.

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