Stranded Malawian Women In Kuwait To Be Repatriated.

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Young women who are stranded in Kuwait might breath a sigh of relief if the government will be able to source the money for their repatriation.

The minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Honourable Francis Kasaila said they need almost MK13 million (about $18 700) to repatriate 28 women who were smuggled to Kuwait on a promise of giving them employment.

These women have been pleading with the government of Malawi to assist them so that they should come back home safely. All 28 women have been given shelter at the Malawi Embassy in Kuwait.

“We are not treated well here, we work as slaves. They promised us that they will give us a better salary, but to be honest we are destitute, we want to go back home”, they were quoted last week.

Minister Kasaila said he will find means to raise the said amount of money so that they can help the stranded women.

“We will try our best to source the money so that we as the government should bring back our people. The situation is bad and they say they can’t go back to work for those people in Kuwait, they would rather come back home and suffer in their home country”, said Kasaila.

He further said the Kuwait government cannot involve itself in this issue because the contracts were done with private companies, therefore its the mandate of the Malawian government to deal with these companies.

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