Suicide Bombings At Kabul Demonstrations Kill 61 And Injures 207.

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Suicide bombings on a bustling road in the capital of Afghanistan on Saturday claimed 61 lives and injuring 207 others, a considerable lot of whom were joining in a political demonstrations, said the Afghan authorities.

The Ministry of Health spokesperson , Health Ministry Ismail Kawosi said the impacts happened in Dehmazamg Square close to the Kabul Zoo on the fundamental street to Parliament, and were likely intended to hit individuals out on a weekend.

The protesters, mainly part of ethnic minority Hazaras, were protesting to request that their devastated home area be incorporated into a noteworthy new power line.

The spokesperson for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that the had gotten an intelligence that an attack could happen, and had cautioned the march coordinators.

“We warned the organisers of the march that anything can happen, therefore they should call if off, but they couldn’t take into account our warning”, said Ghani.

It was not instantly clear who was behind the attacks since no one has yet claimed to be responsible.

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