Tanzania Discovers Ancient Footprints

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Two Tanzanian Scientists, Dr Ichumbaku and Professor Fidelis Masao who is also a researcher and senior lecturer of archeology have found ancient footprints in Arusha, Tanzania.

The Tanzanian government unveiled the new footprints which are believed to belong to earliest human beings who could have walked in the northern Ngorongoro area nearly 4 million years ago.

The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Mr Jumanne Magembe said this new development has boosted the country’s historical events.

“The new discovery is another milestone in boosting the country’s historical, cultural and science based tourism”, said Jumanne.

According to Masao , the footprints were located about 60m from the site where similar humanoid prints were found in 1976.

The Tanzanian archaeologist Professor Charles Musiba said they will keep on searching on the site to see whether more pre-historic human trails could be found.

In 1976, Tanzania discovered the Laetoli, eroding out of a gully of the Nagarusi river, by team members from Mary Leakey ‘s expedition to the main Laetoli site.


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