Tanzania To Jail Men Impregnating School Girls To 30 Years.

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Tanzania is on the verge of amending some laws which will see those impregnating or marrying primary school pupils and secondary school students spend 30 years in jail.

The Attorney General, George Masaju tabled before the National Assembly amendments to the Written Laws Miscellaneous Act (No. 2) of 2016 which imposes 30 years in jail to those people who will impregnate or marry school girls.

Speaking in parliament on Friday, the Attorney General (AG), Mr George Masaju said those who will be found on the wrong side of the law should be punished accordingly so that the future of the young girls should be protected.

“We want to ensure that school girls complete their education without any hindrance on their way. A lot of girls have been victims of these actions and they have been making them drop out of school so oftenly”, said Masaju.

He said those people found on the wrong side of the law, whether facilitating, persuading or taking part in a move to marry off the school student or pupil will be liable to pay a fine of Tsh 5 million or spend five years in jail.

To ensure the enforcement of the Act, the AG will summon all headteachers, teachers, or headmistresses to report to the Commissioner of Education on the status of the pupils or students on issues of pregnancies or marriages. This report will be submitted on a six month basis.

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