Tanzanian Cargo Boat With 12 Passengers Drowns In Lake Malawi

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A sombre mood engulfed Nkhata Bay district after a Tanzanian cargo boat with 12 passengers on board heading to Nkhata Bay Jetty sunk in Lake Malawi during the wee hours of  Saturday morning due to Mwera winds on the Lake.


News Watch Reviews understands that in the past week Mwera winds have been too strong on the Lake which led to fishermen to take a break from fishing.

According to northern region Assistant Surveyor of Vessels, Chikumbutso Ziyaya,  said on the day of the incident, the boat called MV Mapeza was sailing from Mbamba Bay in Tanzania to Nkhata Bay jetty.

“I suspect the boat had a faulty water pump which made it impossible to flash the water out. This boat is owned by a Tanzanian business tycoon, Mr Dulla Zuberi and it was carrying 12 passengers and cargo”, said Ziyaya.

Chikumbutso Ziyaya further said that they talked to one of the passengers who phoned her husband before the demise. News sourced by News Watch Reviews shows that the last call is said to be a good bye to her husband who works for a businessman at Nkhata Bay Mr Lake Side Manda.

“Please we need some help, the boat is sinking now, it is full of water and I am the only one surviving at the moment because I am on top of the boat. If we don’t communicate again from this minute, then its over for me, stay well and goodbye”, that’s the last call from one of the passengers.


The rescue team went to the scene of the incident to search for the boat, but all proved futile, they couldn’t trace the vessel and no one was rescued.

Lake Malawi is famous with MV Ilala and Chilembwe which forms a great network of transport on Lake Malawi. It still remains a mystery why these boats are allowed to operate on the Lake despite the large expanse of water between Tanzania and Malawi.

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