Tanzanian Farmer Loses Tsh35 Million Which He Kept In A Hole.

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A Tanzania farmer, Mr Christopher Akonaay lost huge sums of money which was discovered in a hole by construction workers. It is reported that Mr Christopher has been storing his hard earned cash in the trench on monthly installments for the past three years.

Mr Akonaay’s mud house with its bedrooms strategically located along the road, was among the first buildings pulled down. But within the bedroom, the farmer had his own styled ‘safe’ in which the Tsh 35m bank notes were stored, tied up in a number of polythene bags.

The money was uncovered from the underground chamber inside one of the houses whose walls were demolished to expand and upgrade the Mianzini – Ikiding’a road.

The millionaire who looked like a poor person in the village said he doesn’t trust banks thats why he opted to put his money in the whole dug inside one of his house.

“I don’t trust banks, because in the 1990s when working at a government institution I opened an account which I used to accumulate money but after leaving it dormant for 10 years, it was frozen”, he said.

The livestock keeper, endowed with a large herd of cattle, supplies milk to many families and institutions around Arusha City and its suburbs, earning up to 1.5m/- monthly. Mr Akonaay was away selling milk in town, when the excavators struck the area.

The Daily News reported that houses from this area were previously earmarked for demolition to pave way for the road construction project but the residents in the area rushed to file a case in court last June, protesting against the move.

When the court ruling came out in favour of the government, the graders did not wait for the property owners to file another suit, but proceeded to knock down the walls.

As the excavators combed the bedroom floor, the buried money came out flying much to the delight of passers-by who elbowed each other in their rush to collect as much cash as they could manage.

At that time the owner, Mr Akonaay was busy supplying milk to his customers in the city and by the time he got back, he was shocked to see his house pulled down and the money gone.

“I have been depositing between Tsh800,000 and Tsh1m in the underground hole since 2013,” he said.

Neighbours were also surprised that despite having so much money, he still lived in the mud house.

The discovery of money caused chaos in the area when people started scrambling for a share from the money.


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