Tanzanian Government Arrests 358 Illegal Malawians; Fined Tsh 1million Each (K350 000).

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Malawians who went to Tanzania to search for greener pastures are at present living in fear as the Tanzanian government has propelled a crack down of illegal foreigners in the country.

These Malawians who have been living in the eastern African nation have been arrested since September this year.

The first group of Malawians was arrested after receiving a call from the Malawi High Commission in Tanzania to meet in order to map the way forward regarding their stay in the country.

But when they arrived at Mwananyamala where they were meeting the authorities, people were caught in awe when they saw immigration officers who told them to board their vehicles to the police.

The operation which has seen youthful youngsters ranging from 1 year being a part of the arrested individuals and are being detained in different holding stations in the nation.

As indicated by reports from Tanzania, this week, the court sitting at Kisutu in Dar es salaam indicted the illegal Malawian nationals to pay a fine of Tsh 1 million (which is almost K350 000) or in default to serve a six months jail term. Further more, on the other side, the individuals who have international IDs have been sentenced to pay Tsh 500 000 or in default serve a two months in prison.

The arrested individuls were charged with three counts, illegal entry into the country, staying without proper documents and working without supporting documents.

This development has raised people’s eye brows considering that in other nations in the event that they have arrested foreign nationals, they deport them, however in Tazania they are being sentenced straight away.

A few Malawians residing in Tanzania who opted to be anonymous spoke to News Watch Reviews saying that the situation is wild and the Malawian ambassoder to Tanzania has not helped them since the crack down began.

“We live in fear now, we are no longer safe. This fine they have imposed on us of Tsh 1 million is a lot and we don’t know what to do since our gvernment is yet to intervene.”, said one of the Malawians.

They further said their greatest worry is the youthful youngsters who are a part of the arrested individuals.

“You know kids won’t survive in this situation considering that there are alot of mosquitoes here”, they concluded.

Scores of Malawians considered Tanzania as their second home which made them to go to the eastern African nation without appropriate documents.



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