Teenager Raped By A Catholic Priest In Malawi.

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They were chosen to lead the flock of the Lord, but at the background they are doing things which are contrary to their mission.

Police in the warm heart of Africa, Malawi, are keeping in custody a Malawian Roman Catholic priest identified as Francis Ngalande for allegedly defiling a 16-year-old girl.

According to a South African Publication, News 24 indicated that the priest from central Malawi’s rural district of Ntchisi defiled the girl on Friday.

It is reported that Ngalande arranged to meet the secondary school student who he has been supporting by paying her school fees. When he met the girl, he took her to a lodge where he defiled her.

Upon learning of the abuse, the girl’s parents reported the matter to the police who arrested the priest. A medical report confirmed that the girl was really defiled.

Some priests in Malawi have bern caught on the wrong side of the celibacy law and a number of them have been suspended for breaking it.







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