Tell Us How Much You Made From Military Contracts, Kambwili Challenges GBM

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By Bright Chikele
Information minister Chishimba Kambwili and UPND running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba have continued crossing swords with the former issuing one of his trademark ultimatums to the UPND vice president to tell the Zambian people how much money he made from government contracts when he served as Defence Minister.Ironically the two heavies’ beef stretches to their body stature with either taking a go at the other for being handsome or who has more money.

Kambwili said GBM could not accuse cabinet ministers of being corrupt when he had benefitted from government tenders during his tenure in government.

“I want to challenge GBM to tell the nation how much money he made when he was Defence Minister. Let him talk about FRA and his contract under the Ministry defence,” said Kambwili whose ultimatums can at times be a tad too ambitious.

“I am giving him seven days to tell the nation.”

GBM and Kambwili never lose a moment to go for each other’s necks even on unrelated business.

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