The battle for a federal republic of Malawi still rages on

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Chairperson for the advancement of Federalism and development in Malawi says they are still sensitizing citizens on Federalism. Dr Binah Shaba has said some Malawians are running out of patience blaming them for moving in a snails pace.

“we have been sensitizing the masses on how important is the federal system of government to their developmental projects in their respective areas. The current unitary system is centralized and people have no voice in the developmental projects they need,unlike the federal system which is decentralized.

The movement which made public waves in Malawi in 2015 amid the post 2014 tripartite vote rigging allegations with its debate for Malawi to adapt a better and open system, has been dormant in the public domain, a thing which Shaba denies as he said the forum has moved from Karonga to Nsanje.

“We are now going to embark on high level campaign that will be doing ¬†with chiefs and local representatives.”,said Shaba. While the issue of Federalism is a debate that is viewed by Malawians as a tribal,regional issue,development is to be seen going forward to benefit Malawians who only 30% has access to basic services including energy and 70% of them live less than a dollar daily.

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