The Big Narstie Of Periscope: UK Rap Is Nothing But A Disgrace Says American Star

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You’ve got to love it when the so called celebrities let their groves off on social media. Apparently a  huge myriad of  UK artists joining to cash on the Hollywood A list of Stars is not sitting well with American Superstar Azealia Banks. And it seems most of  UK stars Surge on  joining Hollywood especially  film industry is on the high, which everybody in the states welcomes  except for Azealia.

In a tongue-in-cheek rant via Periscope Azealia Banks went flat out to slate UK’rising King of Grime Big Narstie.

Like Nazi Azealia has  developed this habit for hate-mongering oration in social media circles, where she has grown her popularity for wrong reasons. She is seen in this Periscope flat out  hypnotising her audience with her fervent – and drug-fulled – racial ramblings.

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